Pastor Matt Stull (Akron Praise Temple Church of God)
     "Bob Schmidt started the REACH ministry in our church at Akron Praise Temple.  My wife and I had been praying for years about having an outreach ministry.  God gave Bob the vision of everything that is in this site and we have used it to REACH our community.  We started the outreach ministry at the end of February and God has blessed our church in a mighty way!  We have seen family members, that were out of church living a life of sin, come and rededicate their lives because of the letters.  They are now faithful to the church and are beginning to REACH out as well!  I have been stretched and through this have been walking the streets of Kenmore with him and others from our church.  The more we go out into the community the deeper my hunger and desire grows to see our community won to Christ!  The passion for winning souls intensifies each day!" 

"Just a week ago, we were out hanging door hangers and I went to a door to put the hanger on the knob and a lady came to the door.  She asked what I was doing, so I told her.  She began to share with me that she was just studying her Bible.  She said she was praying about where to go to church and she was going to start going to a church right down the street.  Then she said "God sent you here.  You are the answer to my prayers!"  I had a chance to pray with her.  The next day was Sunday and she came with 3 other people!  2 of them want to be baptized!  It is so awesome to see the power of God at work and how he has directed my steps!"

"Every Sunday there are new people that come because of our outreach effort!  God is blessing our faithfulness to REACH!  If you decide to REACH out, God will bless your church as well!  It's about building his Kingdom!"

Pastor Matt Stull (Akron Praise Temple Church of God)

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