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     We are glad that you have taken the time to look at our website. God is truly amazing! We have seen God move in such an awesome way through the REACH ministry at our home church and God wants to do the same at your church! I believe God is calling every church across America to do more to REACH their families and communities for Jesus!

     We have 3 growing boys and a beautiful daughter. They are Elijah who is 15, Jonathan is 14, David is 11 and Abigail who is 7. Bob and I have been married for 18 years as of August 27th, 2017. God is doing amazing things for us as we grow closer to each other and the Lord every day! 

     We want to do the will of the Lord in our lives. Our heart is to see souls saved and lives changed by the power of God. We pray that your spirit is stirred when you look at this site. We want to help you and your church REACH your community! It’s no accident you are reading this! May God bless you, and your churches! It’s time to REACH! If we don’t reach them who will?

Love and Prayers,

Bob and Erica Schmidt


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