Letters from the Lord

Send the Letters or Postcards below as an outreach to.....   

1) Family members and Friends 
Here is a template for a list you can pass out to your church members to fill out.  
        Have them list the names and addresses of family members to send postcards to.
(Click here to download the Operation: Reach our Friends and Family handout)
2) People in your community
3) People who have visited your church in the past
4) People who have attended your church in the past but no longer attend

You can send out 1 postcard or letter a month over the next year.  If you sent a postcard to every family member and friend, that is out of church or unsaved, for every person in your church, just imagine what the results could be in just one year! These messages can be printed on a postcard or in letter form.  Each letter is designed to make an impact on the person that opens it.  The goal is to send a simple message they can read and then let the Holy Spirit convict them and do the work.  The Bible teaches the Holy Spirit is what draws them to Christ.  This is a simple non threatening approach to get your church to begin REACHing out.  

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