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Hell is real!
See below for details...
The Bible says there is a "lake of fire and brimstone". 

What is brimstone? 

I asked myself the same question. 

So I looked it up in the Webster's online dictionary. 

The screen shot of that page is the next slide.
Webster defines "brimestone" as simply sulfur. 

Now you are asking, what is the significance of that? 

Continue to the next slide. 
This is a cut away of the Earth! 

What you will notice is the further you go towards the center of the earth the hotter the temperature gets.

For every mile you go toward the center the temperature increases 3 degrees!

If Hell is in the center of the earth, how did the writers of the Bible know the center of the earth was hot?

This information is directly off of the NASA website!

This shows you the inner part of the Earth's core is LIQUID

What is in a lake?  Water!
Water is a LIQUID

NASA tells us that the center of earths core is LIQUID!

At temperatures of 12,000 degrees melted metals would make a LIQUID fire or a lake of fire!

NASA tells us that the center of the earth is made up of some metals, oxygen and sulfur!

We found out that "brimstone" is sulfur!

Now read the following text from the Bible again!

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